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A selection of photographs for Imponderabilia. Some as pieces for individual viewing, some that may find use as backgrounds.

Prints from this album are not available for purchase.

Birmingham Bull Ring
Busking Blues
Urban I
Speed and light
Jazz blur
Manchester Lights
McCloud Ganj Beggar Boy
McCloud Hillside
Monk and Mist
Train to Amritsar
Tracks in the Punjab
Pilgrims II
Lines to Manchester
Trinity Fireworks I
Trinity Fireworks II
Hopes Carr
Light and Water
Old Delhi
Jama Masjid
Delhi landscape
Taj  Mahal
Jalabi Seller
Friendly Staff...
Red, White and Blue
Urban I
Urban II
La Machine
Liverpool Overhang
Photo 36
'Turning the Place Over'
Date added: 14th December 2009
Categories: Landscapes, People, Travel
Tags: urban, industrial, people, eye, vision, light, dark, blur, motion, life
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