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Photographic selection from a recent trip to the North East, focusing on a misty morning around Whitby Abbey.

Prints from this album are not available for purchase.

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Whitby Abbey
Borghese Gladiator (Bronze)
Caedmon's Cross
Photo 17
The grey, angry, glorious sea.
Oysters (Dutch)
Crab Claw
Bacon and Cockles Breakfast
Photo 23
Date added: 20th May 2009
Date taken: March 2009
Categories: Landscapes, Travel
Tags: Whitby, abbey, black, white, mist, chapel, church, dracula, bram, stoker, Caedmon, anglo, saxon, Hilde, Bede, sea, waves, oysters, crab, winkles, seafood, cockles, breakfast, cross
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