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Mono set from the second annual Dashwood Cup between the current RUFC of Sidney Sussex College and the Sidney Old Boys in honour of Dr. Dashwood; Porcs patron. The Old Boys won, though less brutally than last time...

2009 Formal set: http://adamjamesnall.cantabphotos.com/090312172623/

2009 Colour set: http://adamjamesnall.cantabphotos.com/090312164848/

For photographs of the 1st Dashwood Cup see here:

http://adamjamesnall.cantabphotos.com/080309025046/ (monos)

http://adamjamesnall.cantabphotos.com/080310182726/ (colour)

All photos are printed 7"x5". I recommend a matt finish when ordering prints. Substantial colour set and formal photographs to follow imminently.

Prints from this album are not available for purchase.

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Dashwood addresses the masses
Man of the Match
Date added: 10th March 2009
Date taken: 28/02/09
Categories: Cambridge Life, People, Sport
Tags: Dashwood, Cup, 2nd, annual, II, rugby, Sidney, Sussex, RUFC, SSRFC, SSRUFC, Old, Boys, mono
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