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Or 'Mr Macro goes flower-picking'

A good way to walk off breakfast. From Sidney Sussex up Green Street and down through the side door of Trinity. Across the backs and through Clare College, past the front of Caius, Senate House and back to Sidney. Phew!

Some experiments in macro on all the lovely flowers in Trinity and Clare. They really are fantastic!


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Clare College
Clare Bridge Lichen
Still waters
Photo 4
Photo 5
Berry Red
Photo 7
Photo 11
Clare detail
Clare First Court
Clare College
Clare College
Clare College
Flying the flag I
Flying the flag II
The Union
Flying the flag III
Clare College
Trinity Hall
Senate House
Senate House
On Senate House
Photo 26
Great St. Mary's on the Market
Senate House
Senate House
Senate House and Caius
Senate House and Cauis
Photo 32
Senate House detail
Photo 34
I've got a bike...
On Trinity Street
Harvey of Caius
Caius detail
To the River: punt.
Photo 40
Photo 41
Green Street Doorway
Photo 43
A right corker
To the River
From Trinity Bridge
Trinity Backs
Trinity Ducks
Trinity Flower
Photo 50
Photo 51
Photo 52
Photo 53
Trinity Backs
Photo 55
Trinity Backs
Photo 57
Sepia Macro
Photo 59
Photo 60
Photo 62
Photo 63
Photo 64
Photo 65
Photo 66
Macro Yellow
Photo 68
Photo 69
Photo 70
Flowers of Clare backs
Photo 72
Photo 73
Photo 74
Clare College Backs
Photo 76
Photo 77
Photo 78
Photo 79
Photo 80
Photo 81
Photo 82
Photo 83
Photo 84
Photo 85
Photo 86
Photo 87
Photo 88
Photo 89
Photo 90
Photo 91
Photo 92
Photo 93
Super Macro
Clare Flower Macro: a favourite
Photo 96
Super Macro II
Photo 98
Photo 99
Photo 100
Date added: 21st April 2008
Date taken: 21/04/08
Categories: Cambridge Colleges, Cambridge Views, Flowers, Landscapes, Wildlife
Tags: Trinity, Clare, flowers, green, street, sentate, caius, bridge, st, marys, door, graffiti, macro, close-up, black, white, sepia
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